Aalto KitSat - an innovative educational CubeSat concept

Aalto KitSat is a functional 1U CubeSat made with inexpensive, off the shelf electronics and tailored for educational use.

It is based on the satellite demonstrator designed for the "Space Truck", a space themed mini science centre that drove around Finland in September and October 2017 under the umbrella of the Suomi 100 satellite project. The general public built under supervision a simple, but fully functional satellite in the cleanroom of the exhibition.

After the tour the concept of the satellite was further simplified and focussed for educational use. The first versions of the KitSat - as it is now called - will be used in 3Q of 2018 at the Heureka Science Centre during the teacher training sessions and Nordic ESERO (the Nordic branch of the educational initiative of the European Space Agency) training.

The KitSat is working just like a real CubeSat and it can be used for pre-planned and ad hoc mission simulations, test procedure and system operation training, and also real missions like launching on balloon to stratosphere, dropping from altitude under a parachute or just operating remotely. The basic satellite has a IR-capable camera and suite of environmental sensors including air quality and pressure. It has also an internal space for additional instruments and port for adding any kind of external or internal instrument.